Tesla Model 3 On Autopilot: Close Call Captured By TeslaCam

Tesla Autopilot is still a hands-on system that requires drivers to remain aware and in control.

Tesla Autopilot has improved drastically, especially as of late. The all-electric automaker is quickly working toward its full self-driving technology. However, this doesn’t mean that the semi-autonomous system is perfect. Tesla continues to remind owners that Autopilot requires “active driver supervision” at all times.

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This video shows a situation in which the driver had to take over at the last minute. For some reason, his Tesla Model 3 on Autopilot didn’t “see” the car stopped at the light ahead. He had to hit the brakes at the last minute to avoid a collision.

It’s important to note here that Autopilot was being used on a busy surface road with cross traffic and traffic lights. Situations like this can prove much more difficult for the technology than driving on the freeway, which is actually the system’s primary intention at this point. Some other vehicles offer semi-autonomous driving systems as well, however, they are only to be used for freeway driving.

Let us know your experiences with Tesla Autopilot and/or other semi-autonomous technologies.

Video Description via R Wan on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Close Call on AUTOPILOT TeslaCam Footage

I personally love the model 3 and this is the firs time anything like this has happened.

This was going at 60km/h following a car at a distance of 2. This was in Autopilot mode. Vehicle failed to notice the car in front of it had come to a complete stop. I had to slam on the brakes and left 67cm of space.

Incident happened at 00:37

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