Tesla Increases The Price Of Its Wall Connector To $425.00

Today, Tesla raised the price of its popular Wall Connector by more than 21%, from $350.00 to $425.00. The 48-amp home and business charging solution can deliver 11.5 kW to the vehicle which is the most power any current Teslas can accept from a 240-v AC charging source. 

Price changes for the Wall Connector have been common over the years as Tesla has raised and lowered the price dramatically on multiple occasions. Just last month, in December of last year, Tesla dropped the price from $400 to $350 and began offering the level 2 charger at the home electronics superstore, Best Buy. 

The Tesla Wall Connector is available with the Tesla connector as well as the J1772 connector

Tesla also sells the Wall Connector with the J1772 connector, the connector that is used by every other electric vehicle manufacturer in North America except for Tesla. That unit, however, costs $125.00 more and is available on Tesla’s website for $550.00.

While this isn’t good news for consumers, the silver lining is that even at the new higher price, the Wall Connector is still a bargain. Comparable 48-amp chargers from reputable suppliers that are safety certified, have strong warranties, and offer similar features often cost more than $600.00. 

We’ve reviewed the Tesla Wall Connector and found it to be a very compelling offering and it’s on our recommended EV charger list. In fact, for Tesla owners, it’s our top recommendation because it can deliver the maximum power that Tesla vehicles can accept and you don’t need to use a J1772 to Tesla adapter which adds complexity and another possible failure point.  

The Wall Connector must be hard-wired as opposed to plugging it into a 240-volt outlet and that’s another positive in our opinion. Hard-wiring your charging equipment is a better and safer installation. Unfortunately, we’ve seen many 240-v outlets fail over time as most aren’t designed for the intense duty cycle that EV charging commands. 

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