Tesla Camera Captures Crazy Multi Car Crash: Video

The locked brakes aren’t gonna help this driver to stop in time.

Watch this video footage from a Tesla that captures the lead up and aftermath of a crazy multi-car crash on the highway.

The Tesla was unharmed, but several other vehicles weren’t so lucky.

As you watch the brief clip, it’s not immediately apparent as to what/who caused the crash. However, more often than not, a rear-ending on the highway leads to several other vehicles getting caught up in the wreckage.

Had the car with the locked brake been equipped with anti-lock brakes, would it of stopped in time? Cars these days are incredibly safe, but drivers often are not, which sure does lead us to believe that something like Tesla Autopilot is the way of the future.

Check out the clip above and see if you can determine the cause.

Video description via Vishal Chatuverdi on YouTube:

Tesla Camera captures multi-car accident at GSP

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