See First Spy Photos Of Tesla Model S Plaid's Yoke Steering Wheel

The yoke is really coming.

The “yoke” steering wheel on the refreshed Tesla Model S/Model X is probably the most surprising and possibly the most controversial change applied by Tesla to its top of the line EVs.

Thanks to The Kilowatts (see tweets below), we can take a look at a new set of photos of the yoke steering wheel in a new Tesla Model S. The production version of the yoke looks really similar to the images:

If you would ask us, we would say that maybe it’s not a luxury looking steering wheel – like Lucid Motors pointed out – but it’s interesting and futuristic.

As long as it will enable to turn the car at both high and low speeds (turning around) without a necessity to be round – through a non-linear progressive turning ratio – it might be fine. Tesla was the precursor of the large touchscreens in cars so why not start a new decade with a new innovation?

On the images we can also see the new dashboard screen and center touchscreen, as well as the all-new rear touchscreen, but they were all turned off.

The photos show a button to fold down the rear seats and new big side cameras.

Source:The Kilowatts

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