Savage: Erik Guts An Innocent Pair Of Tesla Model 3 Seats

Thankfully the noble sacrifice of these front seats will not be in vain.

Erik of YouTube channel DÆrik is currently in the process of taking apart a pair of Tesla Model 3 seats that he purchased off of eBay. This is not just for fun or for science. He isn’t simply trying to figure out what makes the seats tick. Instead, he decided that regular old Model 3 seats just weren’t good enough for him!

Instead, his Model 3 will be upgraded to a set of new racing seats. But before he can install these new seats, he will need to scavenge the wiring harness and other parts. Naturally, Erik does not want to completely destroy the seats that came with his car. By purchasing a pair of used seats from eBay, he can be as destructive as he needs to be.

“Now we just need to rip the white seats out.” Says Erik after grabbing the needed parts from the used pair of seats. “By rip I mean gently. I’m not going to tear them out. I want to keep them so if I ever need to I can put them back in.” Maybe he could use the existing white seats in his living room.

If you’re thinking of a similar project, or just want to see a Model 3 seat inside out, be sure to check out the video above.

Video Description via DÆrik on YouTube:

I need the wiring harness for my plans of installing racing seats in the Model 3. So I bought two seats from a totaled Model 3 so I can keep my white seats in new condition so if I ever needed to I can put them back in without any modifications to put it back to stock. This is me going through the seats to figure out what I need and why. The seat sensors are actually different in the driver vs. passenger seat.

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