Sandy Munro Shows Big Improvements Under 2021 Tesla Model 3 Frunk Lid

He also made fun of the ones that oversee Tesla’s issues as “anecdotal evidence.”

Bring up any Tesla issue, and you’ll hear you are a short-seller or a FUDster. Another favorite is saying that is “anecdotal evidence,” as if the issue was just a one-off even after several other cases emerge. Sandy Munro found big improvements in the frunk of the 2021 Tesla Model 3 his team will tear down. Anyway, he did not miss the chance to make fun of “anecdotal evidence.” If it is true for bad news, is it also the case with good ones?

Joking aside, what Munro and his team discovered is that Tesla seemingly did its homework in what relates to the cowl cover issues he found on the Model Y. All clips in the Model 3 were in good shape, and the cowl cover was in place. Munro even saw how Tesla managed to make it work as it should.

Another improvement relates to the LCC (liquid-cooled condenser) fixing. In the Model Y, Tesla used pieces of wood and a plastic belt. In his teardown of the electric CUV, Munro found a less improvised arrangement: polymer pieces with the same plastic belt. The 2021 Tesla Model 3 has none of that.

Munro also talks about one of his favorite topics when it comes to Tesla: the Octovalve, which the company seems to have renamed to Super Manifold. It is now on Revision E, and the engineer is impressed with the number of changes that have been made to improve it.

Munro ends the video by saying he is pretty happy with the improvements Tesla seems to have made to its manufacturing, as well as with some cost-cutting measures the company has adopted and which would make perfect sense in his opinion. If it is not “anecdotal evidence,” Tesla definitely deserves a tap on the back.

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