Refreshed Tesla Model X Crossovers Parked At Fremont Factory

Tesla may not get any of these delivered this month, but there’s still a chance.

It has certainly been an interesting week for Tesla. Just about as quickly as reported the rumor that the Fremont factory was closed, we learned that it had already reopened. Perhaps more importantly, we learned from CEO Elon Musk himself that refreshed Model S and Model X orders are in high demand.

In a leaked email to employees, Musk wrote:

“Model S/X production lines are almost done with the retooling and will be aiming for max production next quarter. There is high demand, so we are soon going to need to go back to two shifts. Please recommend friends for recruiting.”

When Tesla first announced the Model S and Model X refresh, we questioned whether it would really create a notable boost in sales. These are expensive cars for a small audience, and the outgoing models haven’t been selling in massive numbers on our shores. However, people have been waiting a long time for a Model S refresh, and Tesla has made plenty of welcome improvements.

Despite the brief closure, we’ve learned that Tesla has produced some refreshed Model S vehicles, which are currently sitting in its logistics lot, seemingly ready for delivery. Musk did say to expect these deliveries to begin in February, though that may or may not still happen. He also said the refreshed Model X would come to market after the Model S.

The Kilowatts have been busy frequenting the Tesla factory in Fremont to provide updates about Tesla’s progress. Just days after capturing images and video of the refreshed Model S, it has now posted what appears to be multiple refreshed 2021 Model X crossovers.

Do you think Tesla will deliver at least one refreshed Model S or Model X before the month is over? If anyone here has an order for a 2021 Model S or X, let us know the status.

Source:The Kilowatts via Teslarati

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