One Tesla Model Y Produced Every 2 Minutes In China, According To Media Tour

If Tesla can consistently maintain such a pace, its estimates are, once again, conservative.

Tesla allowed Pacific Automotive Network – an automotive publication in China – into its Shanghai Gigafactory for a special tour. More specifically, the outlet was checking out the Phase 2 area, which is where Model Y crossovers are manufactured. Interestingly, the Shanghai Gigafactory is already cranking out some 700 Model Y vehicles per day.

Tesla has only been building the Model Y in China for a short time, though already, it has the capability to produce 29 vehicles per hour. Think about it, that’s a Model Y coming off the line every two minutes. Remember, we’re not just talking about some words on a page here, or an estimate from Tesla, but rather something the media saw with its own eyes.

If Tesla can achieve this rate of production on a consistent and long-term basis, it translates to a run rate of 250,000 Model Y annually. Plus, we can only imagine that the automaker has a goal to speed up the process since it’s still so early in the game.

We recently reported that Tesla may be remaining conservative about its future production and delivery estimates on purpose. This seems clear in this case as well. Local reports put the Shanghai Gigafactory’s projected Model Y production at a rate of 200,000 per year, which is still impressive. Tesla said as part of its Q4 2020 earning report and conference call that it estimates it will produce a total of 450,000 combined Model 3 and Model Y vehicles in 2021.

Teslarati reported that Pacific Automotive Network shared some other interesting highlights from its exclusive tour, such as two-story construction, “cleverly-placed logistics doors,” and the fact that, despite negative reports, the factory was spotlessly clean and organized.


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