Made-In-China Tesla Model Y Prototype Returns After Going For A Spin

Tesla is probably conducting final testing before series-production. Start the sales approval has been already granted.

Tesla is almost ready to launch its second Made-in-China (MIC) model, the Tesla Model Y, and proof of that is this video.

A camouflaged prototype, most likely the Chinese version of the Model Y (we are not aware of how much different it might be compared to the North American version), was seen on November 6, at about 11:30 a.m., at the west entrance of Tesla Giga Shanghai.

MIC Tesla Model Y (source: WU WA)

MIC Tesla Model Y (source: WU WA)

According to WU WA channel, who closely follows all the news about Tesla in China, the car is undergoing road tests.

“On the morning of November 6, I was passing by the west gate of the factory on my way back to the original location after completing the ground recording of the west side of the factory, when I found a fully camouflaged car parked at the west gate ready to enter the factory, I immediately realized that this car should be the MIC Model Y that everyone has been talking about recently, I quickly took out my camera to shoot, and when I ran to the bridge, the “camouflaged car” had been slowly driving into the factory.”

The Chinese media reports that the MIC Model Y is already approved for sales by the MIIT, which means that we should expect sales in 2-3 months from now (January or February 2021), as this is the usual time between approval and sales start in China.

The spec listed by MIIT is as follows:

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