Does The Media Really Know How To Test Tesla Autopilot? Video

Tesla Autopilot test went bad, really really embarrassingly bad, but it opens our eyes to a problem in that some reviewers don’t really understand how the system works.

About a month ago, Autoline’s John McElroy had an opportunity to test drive the Tesla Model 3 and besides a general overview, he posted a review of the Tesla Autopilot system and Navigate on Autopilot feature.

The video (below – from 4:55) turns out to show that Autopilot capabilities are weak, but that’s just superficial because as you can see on the second video embedded below, the system wasn’t used properly in so many ways that it’s hard to count.

The embarrassing presentation was explained by GasTrol here, however, we feel it was unnecessarily rough for the author:

“Autoline did a video on the Tesla Model 3 Autopilot, they got it wrong! So Wrong! I had to make a video to expose this ignorance​ and miss information. “

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John McElroy received feedback about the outcome of the Tesla Autopilot test and tried to test it again several days ago:

“We recently did a test drive video of Tesla’s Autopilot and were vilified by Tesla fan boys who said we didn’t know what we were doing. Fair enough, we didn’t.

So we read up on it, practiced, and did the test all over again. But we still found the system to be distracting, nerve wracking, and prone to get lost.

Autopilot represents a technical achievement, but it’s still not ready for prime time.”

…and again, as most of the user errors remained, GasTrol pointed them out in a second analysis. Tesla Autopilot and Navigate on Autopilot feature were not used properly.

Well, hopefully, Autoline will try a third time successfully and maybe focus on the need to address the topic of how to make people understand how such a system works if they were previously using only manual driving.

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