Dirty Tesla? Owner Finds 15 Pounds Of Dirt In His Model 3: Video

There’s dirt, then there’s this amount of dirt.

Have dirt, will travel. Will travel for gravel. Or something like that. 

There have been a few reported cases of the Tesla Model 3 accumulating quite a load of dirt in its undercarriage, but this one is quite extreme.

This Tesla Model 3 owner, while conducting an examination of his car at 15,000 miles, found a not-so-pleasant surprise.

It seems some 15 pounds of dirt found its way into the panels under the Model 3 and was trapped inside. This range-reducing (mostly a joke) dirt had likely accumulated over time, but regardless the car was carrying the weight of a bowling ball in dirt in its undercarriage.

It’s not unusual to find dirt in the various plastic panels underneath a car. However, 15 pounds is excessive. Our advice would be to periodically remove those panels on your Tesla to let the filth out.

Grab a look at the video to see the so-called dirt avalanche.

Video description via Dirty Tesla on YouTube:

0:00 Teaser

0:16 – Overview and a little background on my driving habits

1:01 – Jack pads needed to lift the car

1:43 – Bottom looks good at first inspection

1:56 – Lifting the car

3:21 – Suspension is basic

4:26 – Removing some plastic piece

6:26 – Looking at the aero shield and deciding what bolts to remove

7:04 – The opening where dirt can enter

7:22 – removing bolts

8:55 – Sticking the camera into the aeroshield…uh oh

9:30 – Looking into the aeroshield from the tire

9:55 – Finally releasing the aeroshield…dirt avalanche

11:18 – Looking into the exposed aeroshield

11:43 – The pile and talking about other cars with the same issue

13:05 – Checking tire tread

14:06 – Checking the shocks

14:54 – The brakes are brand new

15:35 – Putting the plastic thing back on

15:46 – A lot of torque for the lug nuts

15:54 – Summary and my thoughts



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