Artist Gives The Tesla Model S A Much Needed Exterior And Interior Makeover

It isn’t necessarily consistent with the changes Tesla is expected to make, but it certainly makes the Model S more striking.

Tesla is expected to launch a refreshed version of the Model S later this year, but don’t expect a dramatic exterior makeover of the sedan. It will feature some exterior updates, but most of the changes are expected inside where the revised car is expected to feature quite a different dash architecture and layout.

However, if you thought the Model S was beginning to look a bit old from the outside and if the news that Tesla won’t be operating too many exterior changes don’t please you, then check out this rendering. It is the work of @Alwinart and it certainly turns the Model S into much more of a head-turner than it is today.

The Model S in its current incarnation is still very sleek and quite pretty car, but it’s not the most striking sedan on the road. Alwin proposes much more rakish looking fascias, stronger creases along the sides and just more definition for some of the design details already present on the car – he says his inspiration for the changes is the Roadster, although to our eyes, this influence is not really that visible.

Inside, he’s changed the car the way Tesla is expected to: he made the digital gauge screen smaller and recessed into the dash, and the main infotainment screen’s orientation has been changed from portrait to landscape. He also added some carbon fiber flourishes, which he predicts will be present on the Model S Plaid.

What do we think of this makeover? Well, when it comes to the exterior, to us this is no longer a Model S, but a different car with a different vibe. It’s certainly far sportier looking, but also more obvious and some people may prefer the more understated look of the actual car. As for the interior, it does reflect some of the changes that Tesla itself will make, but it isn’t an exact prediction.

Source:@Alwinart / Twitter

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