New Bowlus Terra Firma Limited Edition Camping Trailer Is For The Dogs

Remote temperature control helps keep pets comfy.

Ninety years ago, Bowlus pioneered aluminum-sided travel trailers, which is a tradition the company continues today. The shiny metal houses a luxurious combination of technology and materials, which are exemplified in the company’s latest – the limited-edition Terra Firma travel trailer. One of its starring features is the remote temperature control and monitoring system, giving pet owners peace of mind when leaving their pets behind.

The key to the system is the company’s Power Management System, which, with Bluetooth and internet connectivity, can allow for completely remote power management. Bowlus goes a step further in accommodating pet owners with slide-out in-design food and water bowls and a personalized canine bed. The trailer’s off-the-grid living capabilities allow for two weeks of unplugged adventure, though Bowlus doesn’t skimp on the luxuries to make it all work. The Terra Firma features UVC disinfectant lightning, a water filtration system, HEPA air filters, and heated floors.

Gallery: Bowlus Terra Firma Travel Trailer

The new Terra Firma Limited Edition trailer is built off of the company’s Endless Highway Performance Edition model, which gives the Terra Firma two massive skylights. The upgraded trailer receives twice the battery capacity, too. The batteries feature a rapid-charge feature that can refill them in three to four hours, while Bowlus also includes a 110-volt external outlet capable of charging an EV SUV with up to 16 miles of range.

Inside, customers can select from one of 56 million possible interior combinations or mix-and-match as one pleases, which feels like a daunting task with so many choices. The bedroom features two twin beds that can convert into a king-sized one, too. The aerospace aluminum is attached with over 5,000 aircraft-grade rivets that meet aerospace standards to be within 2/1000 of an inch of the specification. That level of craftsmanship doesn’t come cheap. The trailer starts at $265,000, with the order books open for 2022 deliveries.



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