World’s cheapest Ferrari: Used £100K Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano is being sold for just £200

Ferrari’s are a symbol of wealth and affluence for many motorists. The Italian supercars ahem a prolific heritage of quality, power, and good looks. To get your hands on one will usually set you back over £100,000 but a used Ferrari has now gone on sale with a price tag under £200. The Ferrari 599 Fiorano is being sold by police in China after it was involved in a road traffic accident.

Police couldn’t find any information about the car when they recovered it, also stating that it wasn’t registered or insured.

As a result of this, the buyer will not be able to insure it in China, and it will not be legal to drive there.

The car also comes with £1,140 worth of unpaid parking fines which the buyer will have to fork out to cover.

A spokesperson for Third People’s Court in the city of Dongguan, South China said: “There is no information about this vehicle at the Vehicle Management Office, so it’s non-transferable and can’t be driven.

“That’s why it’s so cheap – we viewed it as scrap metal, and its scrap evaluation came to £276 (2,430 RMB).

“We then offered a 30 percent discount on that for our auction.”

It is not clear whether or not a foreign buyer purchasing the car from abroad would be able to export and register in another country.

Typically cars like this are worth around £100,000 in Britain.

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