‘Windfall tax’ needed after record petrol and diesel costs – threat of ‘fuel poverty’

Keir Starmer gets grilled on his windfall tax plans

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In recent weeks, drivers around the world have experienced record petrol, diesel and oil prices following global uncertainty caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Mark Tufnell, President of the Country, Land and Business Association (CLA), argues that the Government must intervene to protect drivers.

In a comment to Express.co.uk, he said: “Rising oil prices put further pressure onto the rural economy, including farmers, and threaten the viability of small rural businesses. 

“They can often plunge families into fuel poverty.

“People living in rural communities inherently face additional fuel costs due to their distance from work, supermarkets and public services. 

“As well as the sky-high price of diesel and petrol, those whose homes are heated by oil have seen their costs triple. 

“When it comes to fuel prices, the public have long memories.”

The CLA represents more than 28,000 farmers, rural businesses and landowners, and has called on the Government to introduce a windfall tax.

It hopes this will prevent oil and gas companies from profiteering, which is especially important for rural communities, given how vulnerable they are to rising fuel costs.

The Labour Party has also called for a windfall tax to combat the “super profits” of energy companies, in the hope that it will cut bills for drivers.

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Labour said a tax should be imposed on North Sea oil and gas producers, which would reduce the average household energy bill by £200.

Mr Tufnell added: “We know that when oil and gas prices rise, the costs are passed to the consumer immediately. 

“But when the prices begin to fall, oil companies are very slow indeed to pass those savings on. 

“Oil and gas companies, refineries and petrol stations must not profiteer from this crisis – and the Government must implement a windfall tax on any that do.

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