Graphic: Black Book

Wholesale values continued their ascent in the final weeks of February, with nearly all reporting segments experiencing gains, according to the latest data from Black Book.

The car segments continued their gains this past week, with the rate of increase growing 0.61%. Sporty cars had the largest increase at 1.09%, making this the fourth week in a row of positive price movement for the seasonally sensitive segment.

The popular tax season segment, compact cars, had a fifth week of gains at 0.99%, similar to the prior week’s 1.02% adjustment, Black Book found. The near luxury car segment was the only car segment to see a decline this past week, but it was small at only down 0.10%.

Graphic: Black Book

The truck segments also increased the rate of gains this past week at 0.33%, compared to 0.22% the week prior, Black Book said. Supply of delivery vans continues to be low and this is seen in the gains of the compact and full-size van segments.

The full-size luxury crossover/SUV segment was the only truck segment to see a decline in values this past week, but the declines were small at only down 0.15%, Black Book said. Full-size trucks continue to be in high demand and the rate of increase is growing each week, up 0.46% this past week compared to 0.29% the week prior.

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