What car colour best matches your personality – Take a quick quiz to find out

According to experts, the colour of someone’s vehicle can say a lot about their character and lifestyle.

From the cautious nature of grey car owners to the passion and strength of a red motor, each car has its own unique style which is passed onto its owners.

It comes after Cinch has teamed up with colour psychologist and therapist Suzy Chiazzari to look into what each car colour could mean.

According to the motoring group, black is the most popular car colour and is the most searched online. Cinch stresses this colour represents elegance and sophistication making it popular among motorists.

Take our quiz to find out which colour car you should own.

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Sam Sheehan, motoring editor at cinch said: “You can’t go wrong with the timeless appeal of a black vehicle.

“Drivers of black cars like to get from A to B in style, but without any fuss or unnecessary drama.

“These motorists are also being savvy when it comes to car cleaning costs. Dark-coloured cars hide dust and dirt for longer than lighter colours – meaning fewer visits to the car wash.”

White is the second most popular colour and symbolises purity and cleanliness.

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Ms Chiazzari explained: “If you’re in the driving seat of a white vehicle, you probably have a modern, forward-thinking spirit and can adapt to any challenge you might find on the journey ahead.

“You’re also meticulous and very organised – vital for when it comes to keeping your car spotless!”

Grey was the next most popular paint scheme, followed by blue, red and silver. Green was next on the list with owners usually quirky or eccentric characters.

She commented: “They’ll go about their daily activities without any hassle, steering along city roads and country lanes with a modest and harmonious attitude.”

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