Watch GMC Hummer Electric Truck Quietly Create Powdered Donuts

If it were only the kind you eat.

Automakers can’t help themselves. It seems like every winter we get videos of upcoming models playing in the snow during winter testing. GMC is no different with its Hummer EV. But, this time, all you hear is mostly wind blowing thanks to the almost soundless electric motors. 

If you look closely at the fine print at the bottom of the video, it says:

Well, it definitely looks like a test vehicle. If you pause the video, you will notice that all the black plastic body cladding on the bottom, around the wheel arches, and around the edge of the bed has been removed. What’s left behind is lots of covered holes. The Hummer grille is also missing, exposing the bulbs that light up the grille. And the taillights are covered, making us think they could be production units we haven’t seen before. Regardless, we have seen a similar preproduction tester before when teased at GM’s Milford Proving Grounds. 

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Preproduction mules are neat, but everyone is ready to see the real thing. That should happen soon because as the fine print confirms, the first Hummer EV will be available this Fall. The order site says the same. But, keep in mind, the first Hummer EV to hit the market is the $112,595 Edition 1 model that’s already sold out. 

One of the many cool features the Hummer EV will offer is Crabwalk, the ability to drive diagonally. Wouldn’t it be great if GMC made a video of several Hummer EVs doing some kind of Crabwalk dance together? I’m sure it would attract more attention versus snow donuts. 


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