Watch Cowboys Wrangle A Cow That’s Loose On An Oklahoma Highway

Drivers have to be ready to react to a laundry list of potential hazards. Distracted drivers, pedestrians, potholes, and even animals can roam the roads, and it’s that last one that Oklahoma City drivers had to contend with earlier this week. A herd of cattle got loose on Monday morning, and one cow decided to go on an adventure, heading right into traffic and toward an interstate. The rogue cow required wrangling, and it was caught on camera.

Blake Igert, a contractor for Oklahoma National Stockyards pinback crew, got a call Monday about loose cows heading down the highway, so he and colleague Jimmy Dishman saddled up to see if they could help. Igert told KOCO, which captured the whole thing on camera, that this was “a little more intense” thank your stanard wrangling. Igert and Dishman were right in the middle of traffic chasing down the cow.

The video shows two ATVs attempting to trap the cow, but it was able to get free and continue on its journey. This is when Igert and Dishman jump into action. One lassoes its front quarters as the cow continues rushing down the road. The other lassos the hind quarters as the cow trashes in an active intersection. You can see a FedEx truck roll by as the two struggle with the animal.

It doesn’t appear as if the cows caused any accidents or injuries, which is nice. They are large creatures that could do considerable damage to a car and even lead to injuries. However, that didn’t happen here, and the cowboys successfully wrangled the cow. It’s not clear how the cows escaped, but they did and caused quite the scene that the cowboys helped resolve.

Igert told KOCO that this was something he’ll never forget, even if it wasn’t something completely new. It’s also an excellent reminder to always be on alert when driving, as you might not know what will happen or what you’ll see on a sunny Monday morning.

Source: KOCO

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