‘Waste of our money’ Rage at £200 million plans for more cycling lanes

Nick Ferrari discusses cycle lanes with fellow cyclist

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Various cities across the country have been identified to become as pedestrian and cycle-friendly as Amsterdam in the so-called “Mini-Holland” programme. Cycling networks will be improved and electric bikes will be available to use free of charge if the plans are pushed through central government, but they’ve already divided opinion.

Hull is at the heart of the proposals and around £8million is already going towards the “Cycling Made E-asy” programme there, which will see short and long-term loans of e-bikes, beginning this summer. 

But motorists in the city have complained existing cycle lanes have disrupted the flow of traffic, Hull Live reports.

And other residents have slammed the plans as “crazy” and a “waste of our money”.

Writing on Facebook, one man said: “This is a crazy idea. We’ll see the city gridlocked all day.”

Another social media user posted: “What a waste of our money. When are the car drivers gonna get new roads?”

One mum shared: “Waste of money. People hardly use them (the existing car lanes) as it is.”

Another woman posted: “What a load of rubbish.”

A minority, though, backed the initiative.

One woman posted: “If it helps keep walkers safe, I’m for it. I hate walking anywhere now. It’s just not safe.”

Another Facebook user said: “If it means far less space is given over to dirty, expensive cars, then good. We need to create more incentives to leave the car at home.”

Hull City Council, which Labour lost this month, says its transport priorities include making walking and cycling the first choice for short journeys by providing a network of safe and attractive routes across the settlement.

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