‘Unique rules for the road’ could see drivers fined this summer

Drivers are getting ready to go on holiday or embark on a UK-based staycation which has boomed in popularity in recent years.

With the summer weather already here, many are making the most of it and get driving to soak up the sun.

However, experts are warning that driving in sunny and hot weather could lead to them breaking Highway Code rules and potentially getting fined.

Richard Evans, head of technical services at webuyanycar, warned drivers to always remain safe in the summer months and not put themselves and others at risk.

He added: “With the sunnier months on the way, there are some unique rules for the road that drivers may not know, which could leave them at risk of fines.”

When driving, motorists should always wear suitable footwear to ensure they can be in full control of the pedals.

Loose footwear can be dangerous if they slip off and potentially jam pedals, as well as any shoe with a large heel or wedge.

While it isn’t illegal, the DVSA states that drivers should always wear suitable clothing and footwear to remain in control of the vehicle.

Mr Evans added: “The increased pollen counts will mean many drivers turn to medication to help with allergies which can make them tired. 

“Some medications which include chlorphenamine, hydroxyzine and promethazine, are known to cause drowsiness. 

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“If drivers notice themselves feeling tired or unwell at any point whilst driving, they should pull over in a safe place and take a break.”

Many people will look to travel this summer and make the most of the nice weather, but they should be warned of overloading their vehicles.

Rule 98 of the Highway Code states that drivers should not overload their vehicle, their trailer or their caravan when packing.

They should not exceed the weight limit recommended by the manufacturer of the vehicle, or it could cause damage to the vehicle and make driving unsafe.

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As the days get longer, drivers will be more exposed to the sun, potentially making it difficult for them to see the road ahead of them.

Rule 237 of the Highway Code recommends wearing sunglasses or getting proper shielding from the sun to avoid distraction. Drivers can also slow down or stop where it is safe to do so if they are dazzled.

Mr Evans concluded, saying: “Whilst these are not illegal, they are dependent on the drivers’ ability to operate the vehicle safely for themselves and other road users. 

“If drivers don’t stick to these guidelines, they risk being stopped by police, and could even receive fines from £100 and three points on their licence if they’re considered to be driving without due care.”

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