UK drivers can save nearly 70p per litre on fuel this summer when abroad

UK drivers will rejoice at the latest AA price report showing that petrol is 45p cheaper compared to last year, with diesel motorists enjoying a 50p per litre saving.

Despite this, compared to the pre-pandemic levels of June 2019, UK petrol costs 15p more per litre, with diesel also 11p more expensive.

But, any Britons heading on holiday to Europe and other popular destinations may be enticed by the cheaper fuel prices.

Petrol is an average of 7p per litre cheaper in Spain, 6.5p less in Ireland and 9.3p cheaper in Austria.

Anyone road-tripping through Europe will be smart to make a detour through Luxembourg, where they can fill up their petrol tanks for an average price of 133.28p per litre.

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Those choosing to visit the Mediterranean island of Cyprus will also be in for a welcome surprise with a rental car, with fuel prices as low as 117.75p.

But the largest savings can be seen in the United States where holidaymakers can fill up for a staggering 48 percent lower than in the UK at just 74.27p.

However, those visiting the continent by taking the ferry or Eurotunnel will be better off filling up in the UK or face petrol costs 16.4p more expensive on French shores, although diesel is slightly cheaper.

France does have a slight upper hand on England, Scotland and Wales with a nationwide fuel price checker, allowing motorists to plan their routes through the cheapest filling stations.

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It can be vital for motorway service stations which normally charge extortionate prices for petrol, diesel and any premium fuels.

In a typical 40 mpg car, choosing a cheaper destination will save £4.06 for every 500 miles in Spain and £3.62 in Ireland compared to driving the same distance in the UK. 

Luke Bosdet, the AA’s pump price spokesperson said: “With all the gloom of high inflation and rising interest rates, the much lower cost of petrol and diesel gives some cheer heading into the summer season, with a bit more saving for holidaymakers driving into some parts of Europe.

“However, comparing early summer pump prices now with those in the summer before covid, it reminds us that UK pump prices remain historically much more expensive.

“Up 15.12p a litre for petrol (£8.32 a car tank) and up 11.08p for diesel (£6.09 a car tank). And that’s with the support of a 5p-a-litre fuel duty cut.”

Earlier this month, petrol prices increased slightly marking the end of seven consecutive months of costs falling.

On October 30 last year, petrol cost 166.54p and has been falling since then. Similarly, diesel prices started to drop the following day, down from 190.51p.

The last month has also seen the petrol-diesel pump price gap shrink from 9.1p to just 1.8p on Wednesday.

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