UK aims to make all new cars sold there electric by 2035

The United Kingdom wants the cars on its roads to go electric, and it intends do so five years earlier than previously announced

In the signing of legislation ordering the U.K. to reduce its emissions to net-zero come 2050, a proposal to make all new cars sold in region electric by 2035 is now on the table. reported the all-electric new-car fleet is one of a few proposals the government will look at to achieve its net-zero emissions goal. The legislation to end carbon emissions by 2050 passed both houses of parliament earlier this week without a vote before Energy and Clean Growth Minister Chris Skidmore signed the legislation into law last week.

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The new framework is also more aggressive than a previous piece of legislation, which called for the U.K. to reduce its emissions by 80 percent in the same time period.

Aside from making all new cars on sale electric by 2035, British production of clean energy will likely need to quadruple to achieve the goal. However, the country has already made significant progress. More than half of the energy grid this year will be made up of clean energy, though that includes controversial nuclear power.

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The net-zero status will include schemes to offset any emissions still being produced. They include a cap-and-trade program that puts a price on carbon. Countries in the European Union can purchase credits from other countries if they exceed emissions targets. The U.K. also won’t totally ban gasoline- and diesel-powered cars. Although a previous regulation was put in place to end the sale of new cars powered by an internal-combustion engine in 2040, existing vehicles still on the road won’t be driven away by the new rules.

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