Traffic and potholes assessed as most satisfying places to drive in UK ranked

As millions of families are set to go on a staycation this summer, the vehicle leasing company has revealed a list of the best places in the country to drive.

The study looked at various factors to assess the driving experience in the area, such as traffic levels, the number of collisions and the amount of damage caused by potholes to create an overall score.

According to the report, the most satisfying place in the UK to drive is Wales, scoring 37 thanks to its road network of 21,022 miles and lowest number of pothole claims in the country.

Despite this, Wales has 16.5 million vehicles registered in the area, and the number of collisions that occurred there during 2021 was 3,301.

The company also noted that the second-best place to drive in the UK is the North East, with the lowest levels of traffic and reports of collisions in the country. 

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In third place was Scotland, which has the most roads in the country and a low number of collisions, despite 2,878 claims due to potholes between 2018 and 2020. 

The place with the highest number of pothole claims in the country was the West Midlands, coming in at eighth place overall, with 8,900 claims over the period.

The report also noted that the most collisions occur in London, with 23,139 reports of vehicle crashes during 2021, putting the capital ninth on the list.

The study also found that the second-worst place for driving pleasure in the country is the South East, due in part to having the highest number of vehicles in the country at 46.9 million.

According to, the worst place to drive in the UK is the North West, with the second highest amount of vehicles in the country and 10,061 reported collisions occurring in 2021.

In addition, whilst the North West has over 23,000 miles of road, there were also 6,382 claims of damage due to potholes. 

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Most satisfying places to drive in the UK:

  1. Wales – 37 points
  2. North East – 34 points
  3. Scotland – 29 points
  4. East Midlands – 27 points
  5. South West – 25 points
  6. Yorkshire and the Humber – 24 points
  7. East of England – 22 points
  8. West Midlands – 18 points
  9. London – 17 points
  10. South East – 16 points
  11. North West – 15 points

Tim Alcock from explained why, despite its generally low reputation for driving satisfaction, London was not the lowest on the list.

He said: “It may be surprising not to see London drivers hit the bottom of the ranks as the unhappiest drivers, given the capital’s reputation with heavy congestion, low amounts of roads and high collision rates.

“But pothole claims in London are fairly low compared to other regions – the worst for potholes being the West Midlands who, by far, have put in the most claims for damage to vehicles.”

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