Toyota and Subaru rumoured to jointly develop a new AWD hot hatch to be revealed in 2022, says report –

When Toyota and Subaru announced a new capital alliance back in September 2019, both companies agreed on the joint development of the next-generation Toyobaru twins. That plan has remained on track so far, with Subaru releasing the new BRZ last November, while Toyota’s version (rumoured to be called the GR 86) could make its debut soon.

The agreement, which involved the purchase of equity, will also see the companies work together to develop new all-wheel-drive models “that offer the ultimate sensation in all-wheel driving,” Thanks to a report by Japan’s Best Car Web, we now have some idea of what’s coming next.

According to the publication, Toyota and Subaru are working on another pair of Toyobaru twins, this time involving all-wheel drive hot hatches. Touted as a “WRC machine,” the new offerings are said to be revealed in fall 2022 and will be sized similarly to the current Impreza hatch.

Details about the project are a little scarce for now, but it is said that Subaru’s hot hatch will sport a horizontally-opposed (boxer) engine, which could also make its way into Toyota’s version. The company’s Symmetrical AWD system will also be used, although the transmission options are unknown; a manual would be good and highly likely given the target audience.

While GR Yaris isn't hitting the states…perhaps it's time the U.S. got a hot hatch to call its own. Join the Toyota GR family and never miss an update:

— Toyota USA (@Toyota) May 7, 2020

Of course, Toyota already has a AWD hot hatch in the form of the GR Yaris, but there are no plans to offer the model in the United States. Referring to Toyota USA’s official website, the company says that a GR hot hatch is on the way, but it will be something entirely different.

It was previously rumoured that this could be the GR Corolla, but this jointly-developed model with Subaru could be the GR hot hatch that the US will get. “While GR Yaris isn’t coming to the US, perhaps it’s time the US got a Toyota hot hatch to call its own,” read a line on a dedicated page.

We’ll have to wait for both companies to reveal more information to back up these rumours, but it’s certainly encouraging to know that there are new performance models in the works, although they are not typically volume sellers.

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