Touch 'n Go RFID – install and use it for toll payment and refueling at Shell, and get free Lazada e-vouchers –

Touch ’n Go has long been at the forefront of the digital transformation in Malaysia’s move towards a cashless payment society, pioneering the use of electronic payment for seamless commuter travel on public transport as well as for toll collection with its Touch ‘n Go card.

The introduction of RFID has made electronic payment even more convenient for motorists. The technology, which was introduced in 2018, incorporates a sticker that is embedded with a radio frequency chip, which is unique to each user. Affixed to the left headlamp or windscreen of a user’s vehicle, the RFID tag is linked to the user’s Touch ‘n Go eWallet, allowing electronic payments to be made in contactless fashion at toll booths across the country.

While SmartTAG also offers contactless payment, it’s easy to see how RFID provides drivers with a safer and hassle-free drive. For one, there’s no more worrying about changing batteries or winding down windows at tolls (if you have a tint that SmartTAG doesn’t work with). The great thing is that, with Touch ‘n Go eWallet, users have the convenience of carrying online reloads anytime and anywhere.

Fitment of an RFID tag is a simple process, and you can easily do it yourself with a self-fitment kit, which is available through online platforms Lazada and Shopee as well as the TNG website. Each kit comes with an installation guide provided by a step-by-step guide that is included with the pack.

Here, you’ll find tips on how to affix the RFID tag on your vehicle as well as the recommended placement for it, which is in the middle of the left headlamp or the top left corner of the windscreen. You’ll be able to find the ideal RFID tag placement location for your car here.

As a sweetener, Touch ‘n Go is offering new RFID users who buy a self-fitment RFID tag, activate and use it for toll payment for the first time a RM5 Lazada e-voucher.

That’s not all. If you aren’t aware of it already, tolls aren’t the only thing you can pay for with RFID. You can also use it to pay for refueling transactions at Shell petrol stations equipped with RFID-ready pumps. Once registered, an activated RFID tag will allow users to pay for fuel from their Touch ‘n Go eWallet account.

A bonus awaits customers using RFID to refuel at Shell – new or existing RFID Fuelling users who perform four RFID Fuelling transactions at Shell with a RM60 minimum spend each time will receive a RM10 Lazada e-voucher.

With more than RM150,000 worth of Lazada e-vouchers to be won, stand to be rewarded for making the switch to RFID! Also, try out the Augmented Reality (AR) game to get a better feel of what RFID is all about.

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