Top 15 common electric vehicle myths – that deter drivers from making switch

The biggest EV myths have been revealed, including not being allowed to drive through a car wash, needing to replace the battery every five years – and not having a handbrake. A poll of 2,000 adults also highlighted the misconception that you continue to pay for electricity when charging – even once the battery is full – and the cars being considerably slower than a petrol or diesel model.

Some 31 percent assume they can’t travel long distances – and, as a result, more than a third (36 percent) are put off from ever making the switch, despite EVs being capable of 250 miles on a full battery.

LV= and ElectriX, which commissioned the research, has teamed up with Ordnance Survey to create a series of family friendly 250-mile UK road trips, to help put rumours to bed.

Gill Nowell, head of EV communications at ElectriX, part of LV= General Insurance, said: “Our research shows many Brits incorrectly assume they can’t travel long distances in an EV.

“We’re excited to be teaming up with Ordnance Survey to show the nation just how far an electric vehicle can drive on one charge.

“We know road trips are the perfect family getaway, and with many planning one already this summer we want to bust the myths around going electric.”

The study also found 60 percent weren’t aware an electric car can travel this distance without needing a recharge, with the average adult assuming they can go no more than 169 miles.

And when quizzed on road trips in general, 73 percent have previously experienced one, with 32 percent set to make one this summer.

The study, by OnePoll, found a journey officially becomes a “road trip”, after four hours. 

Music (24 percent), good weather (28 percent), and the company (33 percent) are all considered important factors for the perfect car journey.

Encouragingly, 46 percent would like to explore more of the UK than they currently do, and 38 percent believe it has some of the best cultural landmarks in Europe.

Gill Nowell added: “If you want to go further than 250 miles, there are now over 46,000 public chargers to help you on your way.”

The 250-mile route highlights fun activities for all the family, as well as scenic landmarks up and down the country – from the Scottish Highlands and the Pembrokeshire Coast, to the Yorkshire Dales and the South Downs National Park.

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