Togg Mobility Concept SUV revealed at CES 2022

Turkish mobility brand Togg has made its debut at CES 2022, with plans to launch a small autonomous SUV

Turkish mobility start-up Togg has unveiled a new concept car at the Consumer Electronic Technology (CES) show in Las Vegas, which the company claims will ‘bring together advanced electric, autonomous and connected technologies within one design sphere’.

Togg has lofty ambitions, with the goal of producing one million vehicles in five segments by 2030. The first is targeted to arrive in late 2022; and the company has ambitions to follow it with a mid-sized ‘e-SUV’ in the first few months of 2023. Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş claims it will be “the first electric SUV produced in continental Europe by a non-traditional manufacturer.”

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The Togg SUV concept has been designed with the input of the Italian styling-firm Pininfarina, and early images show what looks to be a stylish but rather conventional approach to both the interior and exterior. 

The Togg logo is said to represent the fusion between East and West, with two arrows that form a gemstone in the centre. Considering the brand’s claims, it is the technological side where the most radical innovations are likely to be found.

These models will be followed by a C-segment saloon and hatchback, along with a small SUV and a medium-sized MPV in the “coming years”, with all five models “sharing the same DNA”. Batteries for the all-electric models will be manufactured in-house as part of a joint venture with Chinese battery manufacturer Farasis Energy. The venture plans to supply batteries not only for EVs, but also non-automotive sectors, such as energy storage for domestic settings. 

This all-new concept connects a range of smart-devices and technology together, to create what is described as a ‘mobility ecosystem’. Togg has also promised that this new mobility concept will be ‘intelligent, user-centric and even empathetic to users’. The brand’s UseCase Mobility concept that’s said to embody these characteristics has been created following research with more than 2,000 people and more than 30 focus groups and interviews.

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