This Is The Hardest Vehicle To Vinyl Wrap, According To An Expert

We’ll give you a hint: it’s German.

You’ve likely seen your fair share of gold or chrome wrapped supercars on social media. But have you ever wondered which vehicle is the hardest to wrap? Thankfully Chad MFive of Midnight Protective Films fills in the blanks on TikTok.

Giving it some thought, you’d probably think that the contenders here would be supercars – shhh it’s not a Lamborghini Aventador – with a plethora of weird contours and sharp angles. That would be a good guess, but unfortunately you’d be wrong; the vehicle in question here is unapologetically difficult to wrap because of the parts and labor involved, not complex bodywork.

Ok we’ll put you out of your misery, according to Chad, the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen is an absolute nightmare to color swap – so much so that he said he’ll likely never wrap one again. In order to do the job properly, almost every exterior panel has to be removed, wrapped, and then replaced – all while keeping the factory panel gaps in check.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to go full video game spec with your G-Wagen or just want to swap the color and finish, we’d wager that it will likely cost you a pretty penny. While a vinyl covering can produce a fantastic aesthetic, many opt to go that route instead of a full respray because it’s much cheaper. However, we’d be remiss not to mention that those looking to wrap such a luxurious vehicle probably aren’t that worried about the finances involved.

Aside from Chad’s feelings about the nightmare involved with wrapping such a vehicle, it’s refreshing to see that he’s committed to doing the job right. As such, he now owns a very successful vinyl wrapping business that also does paint-protection film and window tint.  


chadmfive via TikTok

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