This AMC Eagle Is the Crossover Alternative for the Righteous and Just

The idea behind the AMC Eagle is one we wished caught on. To create the Eagle, AMC combined the bodywork and interior of its Concord with the running gear from a true off-road legend—the XJ-generation Jeep Cherokee. It’s an odd mix, but a compelling one. And if you’re into this sort of weirdness, then have we got the Eagle for you.

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This 1985 AMC Eagle Wagon is listed for sale on eBay by a dealer in Colorado, and it’s stunning. We bet most of you haven’t seen an Eagle this clean since Lee Iacocca masterminded Chrysler’s purchase of AMC back in ’87. The selling dealer says it’s a one-owner car and, surprisingly given the condition, it has a little over 132,000 miles on the odometer.

Some Eagles came from the factory with four-cylinder power, but this one has a straight-six. The same 4.0-liter—sorry, litre—unit in the XJ-generation Jeep Cherokee. This one is a Limited model too, complete with an automatic transmission, plush vinyl upholstery, air conditioning, chrome wire wheels, and of course, wood side paneling. It’s a symphony of brown and beige, and it’s perfect.

The seller is asking just under $13,000 for this Eagle. A quick eBay search shows that there are much cheaper Eagles available, but none nearly as nice as this. And given the crazy prices of XJ Cherokees, this could be a good deal for something far more unique.

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