The MIMO C1 Is A 2-IN-1 E-Scooter That Can Transform Into A Trolley

The MIMO C1 is an electric scooter with a wheelbase comparable to that of a bicycle. The scooter is fitted with top-notch features that set it apart from many other electric cargo bikes on the market. It has a much smaller turning radius than conventional cargo bicycles, but is slightly more robust than the run-of-the-mill electric kick scooter, making it nimbler and perfect for usage in congested areas.

The MIMO C1’s two-in-one architecture is perhaps its most useful feature. This clever electric scooter can be converted into a trolley in three seconds. This feature enables you to carry whatever you require with you at all times. MIMO claims that the C1 is the most effective way of optimizing mobility, especially in the crowded urban environment. The MIMO C1 e-scooter features a removable battery. enabling you to travel short distances with relative ease. MIMO claims a range of around 15 to 25 kilometers (9 to 16 miles) on a single charge.

The MIMO C1 has a multi-purpose design that makes it easy to transport food, luggage, or even bulkier items. This makes it an excellent option for last-mile delivery services, as well as personal commuters. Furthermore, the MIMO C1 is designed to help you to navigate through crowded areas with ease. This is due to the fact that it is substantially smaller than a regular bicycle. That said, its diminutive proportions don’t mean it’s down on practicality The MIMO C1 has a load capacity comparable to cargo bikes, and is suitable for riders weighing up to 120 kilograms. It can support a maximum cargo load capacity of 70 kilograms.

Taking everything into consideration, the MIMO C1 is not for everyone. It is designed primarily for utility, so people searching for a lightweight, easy-to-ride e-scooter should look elsewhere. Additionally, if you want to use an electric bike/scooter primarily for commuting, you’ll probably be better off with a city commuter or a multi-purpose electric bike. However, if you carry a lot of items or work in the last-mile delivery business, the MIMO C1 is a good choice.

Sources: AutoBlog, GForGadget

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