Swedish Startup Movs To Roll Out Leasing Program For Nörd And Ergo Models

Along with the new e-bike tech rolling out, there are also new and innovative companies that hope to make the access to such tech much easier. One of them is Movs, an e-bike startup from Sweden. You see, while the norm has been to purchase your own e-bike from a retailer—either via cash or credit, Movs wants to put a spin on the whole e-bike ownership experience by making its bikes available solely through a membership leasing scheme.

That’s right, the bikes are equally as important as the company itself, as Movs looks to stay involved throughout the entire life cycle of the bikes. The ultimate goal is to make e-bike use cheaper and more accessible to a wider audience. To do this, Movs has introduced two bikes that will be part of the rental program: the Nörd and Ergo. At a glance, it’s clear to see that both the Nörd and Ergo are designed as urban runabouts. They make use of proprietary technology which Movs claims provides an “intuitive driving experience.”

More specifically, The Ergo is a step-through city e-bike, while the Nörd is an urban-inspired belt-driven e-bike. Both bikes will use a Uniframe construction, which means the frame is manufactured from a single piece of aluminum with no joints. This results in a significantly lighter structure that is also more sturdy and durable. Additional details, such as the performance and range figures, are scant at the time, but we do know that the firm will rely heavily on proprietary technology. An interesting thing to note would be the battery, which the company says has been designed and developed in-house.

In an article by British e-mobility publication Move Electric, Mikael Klingberg, CEO and Co-Founder of Movs, commented on the subscription-based membership structure stating, “For us, it is important to think differently. Instead of selling e-bikes, we offer a membership with a simple and accessible platform.” The e-bikes look the part and appear to be quite simple, but with some utilitarian elements like baskets and rear racks, implying that the bikes are meant to be useful and flexible all-rounders.

At present, the leasing structure—duration, pricing, and inclusions, have yet to be disclosed. The bikes are set to roll out in Sweden in 2023, with Movs hoping to expand to other parts of Europe not too long after.

Sources: Move Electric, Movs

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