Specialists break down viral cleaning cheats that can ruin your car

In the age of social media and DIY culture, numerous cleaning hacks and tips flood platforms like TikTok, promising to expedite the process.

However, experts have sounded a note of caution, warning that some of these quick fixes may actually result in more harm than good.

Specialist insurance broker ChoiceQuote has analysed recent viral car tips and warned drivers against some of the most harmful ones.

One such tip involves using toothpaste to clean car mirrors, and while this method may sound appealing due to its simplicity and accessibility, experts have raised concerns regarding its potential to harm the mirror’s surface and lead to further deterioration.

Toothpaste, despite its ability to clean and polish various surfaces, contains mild abrasives that can inadvertently scratch the delicate surface of car mirrors.

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These scratches, although initially subtle, can compound over time, resulting in a blurred or compromised reflection. In severe cases, the mirror may need replacement, an unexpected expense that could have been easily avoided.

Another hack that suggests beer and a baking soda mix to remove oil stains has been dispelled by ChoiceQuote, which warned that beer is not an effective cleaner and baking soda acts as an abrasive which could cause more damage to the vehicle.

The combination of beer and baking soda may also leave behind a sticky residue, leaving car owners with even more cleaning work on their hands.

While coconut oil is sometimes used to clean car plastic, experts raised concerns about its suitability and potential long-term damage.

Although this quick fix may yield short-term results, it has the potential to harm a car’s paint job by compromising the clear coat layer.

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This damage can lead to a lacklustre appearance and, even worse, the proliferation of minor scratches across the vehicle’s surface.

Car owners are strongly advised to steer clear of laundry pods for car seat cleaning and instead opt for specialised car upholstery cleaning products.

These products are specially designed to remove stains and refresh car seats without compromising the fabric’s quality or the vehicle’s interior components.

In videos seen online, car owners are shown how to create their own cleaning slime by mixing glue, baking soda and contact solution.

The simple hack is a great method for a quick clean, but as slime cannot be reused, motorists will need to remake the solution which may not be as effective in the long run.

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