Snow tips: Clear snow and ice off your car in minutes using homemade tools

De-icer: How to make homemade defrosting spray

The Met Office has warned the snow could create some travel delays on the roads with some vehicles likely to become stranded. According to the RAC, there is no law which makes it illegal to drive with snow and ice on a car.

However, driving in adverse weather conditions means road users must be able to see out of every glass panel on their vehicle.

Drivers can be penalised if snow falls off your car roof onto your windscreen or falls into the path of another vehicle.

Professional tools

The most common way of clearing snow and ice from your vehicle is using de-icer tools such as picks and spray.

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To remove snow, drivers are urged to grab a foam brush or non-abrasive snow broom and run this across the car as gently as possible.

A normal broom or nylon brush could leave light scratches over the bodywork which will be visible once the snow has melted.

Homemade tools

Experts at Leasecar has warned road users could use homemade solutions to remove ice and snow from their car on winter mornings.

A spokesperson for the firm said: “We’ve all been there. You’re running late for work in the morning and dash outside to find Jack Frost has paid a visit – but to make matters worse, you’ve ran out of de-icer spray.

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“Instead of frantically scraping away at a thick layer of ice that refuses to budge, there are some homemade formulas you can make with common kitchen items that will help to quick things up.”

They urge road users to mix one part water with two parts rubbing alcohol.

This should peel ice off the glass windows and windscreens in just a few minutes.

Leasecar also urges drivers to mix one tablespoon of salt with two cups of water and applying to your windscreen,

The properties in the salt will be able to melt the ice quickly without any damage to your car.

Meanwhile, using a mixture of water and vinegar on a glass windscreen can help ice from forming in the first place.

What not to do

RAC Patrol of the Year Ben Aldous has urges drivers to never use their windscreen wipers in exchange of de-icing tools.

He said: “Never attempt to use the windscreen wipers to clear an icy or snowy windscreen – you risk damaging not on the wipers but the linkages too, which is likely to become a more costly job for a garage.

“Large amounts of snow on vehicles should be cleared before setting off to avoid it falling on to other road users.”

Experts at AutoGlass have also warned drivers should never apply boiling hot water directly onto a windscreen as this risks damaging

It is not advised to use a shovel or heavy broom to clear snow off your car after a light dusting.

Using a heavy shovel could easily leave big dents and scratches on your bodywork which may result in expensive repairs.

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