Rich supercar owners avoiding daily ULEZ charge with unique loophole

Sadiq Khan refuses to pause ULEZ rollout despite legal challenge

The Ultra Low Emission Zone will see its latest expansion on August 29 as London Mayor Sadiq Khan extends the zone to cover all boroughs in the capital.

Petrol and diesel vehicles are still allowed in the zone, but some vehicles, especially older, more polluting ones, must pay a daily charge of £12.50.

Generally, petrol cars that were first registered after 2005 (Euro 4) meet the standards, while Euro 6 diesel vehicles are also allowed, with those being registered after September 2015.

Vehicles which are over 40 years old can also escape the charges, as well as not having to pay Vehicle Excise Duty (VED).

Because of this, a range of vehicles are exempt from daily charges and will not be penalised by the scheme designed to reduce pollution rates in the capital.

Even though it releases an enormous 370g of CO2/km, a new Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge will be exempt from any charges, the Daily Mail reported.

The £500,000, 600-horsepower supercar would be free to drive on London roads, despite it being over 100g/km more polluting than the highest car tax emissions band.

Similarly, the Mercedes G-Class AMG G63 will escape daily costs in spite of its 363g of CO2/km output.

According to the Mercedes website, it will burn through 16 litres of fuel per 100km (62 miles).

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Older vehicles can also help motorists avoid the ULEZ fee, with the popular Mk1 Vauxhall Cavaliers being a popular option.

The British manufacturer has long been a fan-favourite in the UK thanks to their reliability and affordability, as seen with the Mk1 and Mk2 Cavaliers.

Classic car experts Hagerty reported prices as low as £1,925, with petrolheads avoiding the daily fee, embracing classics and driving in style.

Another popular ULEZ-compliant classic motor is the Vauxhall FE Victor/VX, with prices generally lingering around £2,200 and £2,500.

The Austin Metro is also exempt, with it being a favourite of the late Princess Diana, who was often seen driving around Earls Court in a Metro L in the eighties.

As it was first launched in 1980, three years of the Metro are compliant, with its compact size making it ideal for all kinds of motorists.

Hagerty found most of the expensive models to cost less than £5,000, with regular models being snapped up for between £1,075 and £2,425.

Recent data found that the ULEZ expansion was a “major driver” for drivers in and around London to switch to an electric car.

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