Ram TRX Will Fit 44-Inch Mud Tires If You Don't Care About Turning

Or the rest of the truck for that matter.

It’s safe to say this brand new Ram TRX has lived an extremely hard life. Yes, this is the same truck that YouTuber Street Speed 717 jumped into the stratosphere, destroying the tailgate, back window, and front bumper in the process. Mind you, it’s so new that it still has a temporary license plate on the back. But alas, the truck is still alive so the antics continue. After all, it’s only a $93,000 rig.

This time around, the mission is literally more down-to-earth. A set of massive 44-inch mud tires are ready for installation, but as you’re probably aware, there isn’t the teeniest chance they will fit under a stock TRX. The normal solution would be a sizable suspension lift with some custom fenders for proper clearance, but honestly, why make such a costly investment on a beater pickup truck like this? Enter the cost-effective solution: 32 wheels spacers total, with no less than eight on each corner. If you’re cringing at the added stress to hubs and suspension components, you’re not alone.

With the tires mounted entirely outside the wheel arches, the Ram technically has enough clearance to move. Turning isn’t quite as easy, and at least some care is taken at first to try and avoid additional damage. However, frolicking in a muddy field with 702 horsepower and newfound off-road grip proves too irresistible to not go full send, and by the end of the saga, the front fenders are literally torn to shreds. Amazingly, the spacers and suspension components held up throughout the trials, and the TRX closed this chapter still completely functional … albeit with 50 percent less fender coverage.

Yes, it’s gratuitous abuse of a very expensive pickup truck. We won’t debate the merits of such things or whether it would be happening if YouTube clicks weren’t a factor. The owner does say he’s having all kinds of fun with the truck, so in the end, that’s what really matters.


Street Speed 717 via YouTube

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