Prosecutors Fine Bosch 90 Million Euros For Illicit Emissions Software

Automotive supplier Bosch has agreed to pay a 90 million euros ($100.21 million) fine for lapses in supervisory duties which enabled carmakers to engage in emissions cheating, German prosecutors in the city of Stuttgart said on Friday.

Privately-held Bosch, the world’s biggest automotive supplier, delivered around 17 million technical devices equipped with engine management software, including tools that allowed carmakers to manipulate emissions tests, prosecutors said in a statement.

Bosch has accepted the fine and will not appeal the decision, they added.

Volkswagen used software provided by Bosch to help the carmaker mask illegal pollution in diesel-engined vehicles.

Volkswagen has borne the brunt of penalties and fines for emissions cheating since carmakers, rather than suppliers are responsible for certifying that cars meet clean air rules

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