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Porsche has released a revised version of its Roads mobile application, which has been available since 2019 and is now capable of generating scenic route suggestions.

The app has acquired more than 180,000 users since its launch in 2019, and the centrepiece of the app’s latest revision is the generator for scenic routes, said Porsche chief marketing officer Robert Ader. The artificial intelligence (AI) used will determine a suitable route for the user based on parameters including the roads’ curves, topography, landscape features or particular points of interest (POIs), Ader said.

Users will be able to plot a circuit route, or navigate from a starting point to a destination, anywhere in the world from the Roads app, says Porsche, and is brand- and model-agnostic; it won’t matter what make or model its users drive.

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The goal of the Roads app algorithm is not to plot the fastest route between two points, but rather to offer the most suitable one for individual drivers, the carmaker says.

Drive layouts can be set in advance, whether the preference is for curvy, balanced or particularly dynamic routes, and the generated routes can be saved, evaluated and shared within the wider Roads community. Routes can be sent to the infotainment units of vehicles with compatible Apple CarPlay functionality.

Interfacing with the Roads app begins with the region-based dashboard, which offers dynamic filters for searching for suitable routes, and there are shortcuts to the most popular profiles in the route generator. Specific sights can be located through the generator, or if suggestions are needed, a ‘route of the week’ offering will be brought up, with destinations described in text and images.

Available for iOS devices, the Roads by Porsche mobile application can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

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