POLL: Should a 10mph speed limit be introduced in residential areas?

Mike Parry fumes over speed limits on GB News

Labour MP Rachael Maskell has called for councils to introduce 10mph speed limits in residential areas in a question to the Department for Transport. 

The York Central MP urged Transport Secretary Mark Harper to reduce the speed limit around Britons’ homes, asking: “[I want to] ask the Secretary of State for Transport if he will make it his policy to require local councils to introduce maximum speed limits of 10mph in residential areas?”

The proposal has been met with criticism from the Conservative Party, which declared it a “bonkers” idea.

A Tory Party spokesman said: “This question shows just how out of touch Labour is. Ten miles per hour speed limits would be bonkers, pushing up congestion and making it impossible to drive.”

They added: “Labour’s anti-car crusade would see ordinary motorists taxed off the road.”


Many residential roads have speed limits of 20mph enforced, with 10mph generally reserved for city centre areas and car parks.

Labour-run areas across the country have been enforcing increasing restrictions on UK drivers.

The Welsh Government is set to lower all speed limits on residential roads from 30mph to 20mph from September, a move which is expected to cost £32million.

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A Labour spokesman rejected Ms Maskell’s suggestion, explaining: “This is not being considered by Labour.

“Under the Conservatives, motorists have never had it so bad — our roads are falling apart, and ministers are refusing to stand up to the oil and gas giants raking it in at the petrol pump.”

So what do YOU think? Should a 10mph speed limit be introduced in residential areas? Vote in our poll and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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