Police warn drivers over ‘fake DVLA emails’ on car tax refunds with over 200 complaints

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Greater Manchester Police has issued a critical warning on social media regarding the email which tells drivers their vehicle “is no longer taxed”. Officers from GMP Sale revealed they had received 214 reports of drivers receiving the email over the weekend in a major concern.

The fake email warns motorists they face a £380 if they do not tax their vehicle in a massive threat.

The message comes with a clickable button where drivers can Manage my vehicle TAX” which is likely a fake site where drivers are asked to reveal their personal information.

The warning was initially issued by the City of London Police and has been endorsed by cybercrime experts Action Fraud as being a fake message.

Typos and incorrect spellings are littered over the email which is a sign the email is likely to be a fraud.

The email reads: “We have generated a new invoice, we suggest you to use a credit card instead of a debit.

“To avoid any other consequences that might appear in case again won’t be enough funds inside.

“It’s illegal to drive your vehicle until you’ve taxed it.

“If you don’t do anything. You’ll be fined £380 if you do not tax your vehicle or tell DVLA that it’s off the road.

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“You also have to pay for the time it was not taxed.”

Responding to the message, GMP Sale warned the message was “suspicious” and urged drivers to report the email if they receive it.

GMP Sale posted on social media: “Watch out for these fake DVLA emails, we have received over 214 reports in just two days!

“If you get sent a suspicious email, you can report it by forwarding the email to [email protected]

An identical message was uploaded by a social media user just days ago with the DVLA responding to concerns.

They also revealed the message was a scam before pushing drivers to Action Fraud to make a report.

The statement said: “I should make you aware that is not from DVLA, it is a scam.

“If you have clicked on any associated links & entered your details, please go to the action fraud website in order to report this.”

The DVLA has been battling a range of vehicle tax refund scams over the past few weeks as fraudsters targeted vulnerable road users.

There have been a range of emails sent to road users with similar messages phrases differently in an attempt to catch people out.

Some of these messages have tried to fool drivers by including the DVLA logo in their messages.

Fake reference numbers and links have also been used bu fraudsters in an attempt to trick road users into sending over their personal details.

The DVLA revealed earlier this year that there had been a 20 percent increase in scams reported to the agency over the last three months of 2019.

A spokesperson for Action Fraud has previously said: “Taking a couple of minutes to familiarise yourself with a few simple online safety tips can be significant in protecting yourself from becoming a victim of online fraud.

“You should always be cautious when sharing personal information online and avoid being scammed by only using GOV.UK for government services online, such as the DVLA.”

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