Phoenix Contact Launches 500 kW CHARX CCS Charging Inlets

The charging inlets are for ultra-fast rechargeable electric vehicles.

Phoenix Contact introduces its new CHARX fast charging inlets for the Combined Charging Systems standard (both CCS1 and CCS2 versions), ready for ultra-fast charging.

Those new inlets are capable of accepting continuous DC charging at 250 kW (up to 250 A at up to 1,000 V), while the temporary limit (peak) is 500 kW (up to 500 A, at up to 1,000 V). According to the company, it’s the highest charge rating currently available.

“The CHARX CCS charging inlets have a DC cable cross-section of up to 95 mm2, which enables the higher power. Core elements of the charging inlet have been engineered to improve temperature sensing and connection technology between the cables and contacts. The vehicle can then regulate the requested charging current dynamically based on the temperature evaluation. Previous generations of CCS inlets were not capable of higher power on the vehicle side, because it led to dangerous overheating in the vehicle.”

Of course, those universal charging inlets enable charging not only from DC fast chargers, but also AC (up to 20 kW in the CCS1 and up to 26.5 kW in CCS2 at three phases).

This type of charging inlet will be handy for all BEVs, designed for ultra-fast charging and 800 V battery systems.

Let’s take a look at both types of CCS (CCS1 and CCS2) offered:

Source:Phoenix Contact

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