One of Ferrari's Rarest Track Day Cars Is Coming Up for Sale

When it comes to special-edition cars, Ferrari is picky about its buyers. This is especially true with the track-only variants of its supercars, like the Enzo and LaFerrari. You have to have already owned several other Ferraris and be in good favor with the company. If you’re not willing to put in that effort, here’s an alternative: This 2006 Ferrari FXX is coming up for auction in Monterey via RM Sotheby’s.

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The FXX is the ultra-exclusive track-only version of the Ferrari Enzo, predecessor to the LaFerrari. Thirty examples were built, each powered by a high-strung 789-horsepower version of the Enzo’s 6.3-liter naturally aspirated V-12. Covered in wings, shod with racing slicks, and sporting a set of insect-like headlights, it was more hardcore than the road-going Enzo in every way.

This example is being offered by the first owner, and comes with all the necessary accessories needed to run it at your local Ferrari Corsa Cliente track day, including several boxes of tools, a racing suit, shoes, and even a helmet. The listing doesn’t mention sizing for these items, so you might have to bring your own gear if it doesn’t fit on you.

RM Sotheby’s says this is the first FXX to be offered to the public in several years. The last time we saw one pop up for sale was in early 2017. The auction house estimates it’ll bring in somewhere between $2,850,000 and $3,250,000 at its Monterey event happening August 15th-17th. This a rare chance at access to one of Ferrari’s rarest, most unobtainable modern cars without having to jump through the company’s hoops. Register now before it’s too late.

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