Obliterated Corvette C8 Spotted In Dubai

Pour one out for a lost C8.

Somewhere in Dubai lays the remains of an Elkhart Lake Blue C8 Corvette that has been completely destroyed in an accident.  This mangled wreck of a car was originally posted on TicTock before reaching the world via an article on Corvette Blogger where we can all mourn the loss of this special vehicle together. With all units of the C8 currently spoken for, it’s a shame to see an example like this damaged beyond repair.

There are no details as to how this C8 Corvette met its end, but we can clearly see that it was a traumatic incident that totaled the car. Besides the car, we hope the driver and possible passenger are safe and free of injury. Thankfully the Corvette seems to be mostly intact with the rear end taking most of the damage. Thankfully the mid-mounted V8 should go a long way in protecting vehicle occupants.

There comes a time when a new car gets into an accident and all of the press photos and beautiful examples are tarnished by the twisted metal of a crashed example. For years the C8 Corvette was a dream and fed to the world via incredible images and videos of a perfect mid-engine Corvette taking on beautiful backroads and race tracks. Now we can see that the C8 Corvette is mortal and takes on damage just like every other car on the road.

The C8 Corvette went on sale in Dubai in October of 2020 which means the owner of this example could have had a great couple of months driving the Vette before this unfortunate incident. If they want a replacement C8 Corvette to let’s hope they’re able to get on the waiting list quickly as demand for the C8 continues to beat out supply.



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