Numbers of Koenigsegg CC850s increase to 70 due to high demand

The CC850 is a homage to the Koenigsegg CC8S from 2002 with a manual and automatic gearbox

The CC8S was Koenigsegg’s first car 20 years ago and to celebrate the Swedish supercar maker has built a homage – the CC850. 2022 is also the year the firm’s founder Christian von Koenigsegg turns 50, so there will be only 50 CC850s made, or at least there was going to be. 

Due to increased demand, Koenigsegg has decided to ramp up production numbers to 70. From the outside, it’s clear the CC850 has taken plenty of design influence from the CC8S. We can see typical Koenigsegg features such as the teledial wheels, wraparound windscreen, huge side intakes and of course, the look-at-me ‘synchrohelix’ doors. 

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The interior is also a bit of a throwback as the CC850 offers an open-gate gearshifter (with an automatic mode, but more on that later) and an analogue gauge cluster. The CC8S’s signature rotary dial switches on the dash were obviously deemed too retro for the CC850 as we can see a portrait touchscreen instead. There’s also plenty of exposed carbon fibre and a pair of very thin bucket seats. 

Despite the nods to the CC8S, underneath the CC850 is much more akin to the firm’s latest Gemera, Jesko and Regera supercars (or ‘megacars’ according to Koenigsegg). A 5.0-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 produces 1,366bhp, over twice the output of the CC8S. There’s also 1385Nm of torque available. The flat-plane crank, dry-dumped engine can run on synthetic fuels and doesn’t use a flywheel to improve responsiveness. The redline sits at 8,500rpm. 

That engine is mated to a new transmission which offers both manual and automatic gear shifting. The open gate is more than just for show as we can see three pedals in the driver’s footwell. The ‘Engage Shift System’ as Koenigsegg calls it can change the ratios of the six-speed gearbox to offer varying performance according to which drive mode you’re in. The automatic transmission features nine gears for a more relaxing driving experience. 

Koenigsegg has achieved a kerbweight of 1,385kg with the CC850, thanks to extensive use of carbonfibre and Kevlar body panels in its monocoque. We’re yet to receive performance figures but expect a sub three-second 0-62mph time and a top speed well above 200mph, making it a real rival for another supercar with a manual gearbox – the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50. 

Despite an expected price tag in the millions, the combination of rarity and some rather exquisite details means the CC850 has already sold out. Koenigsegg has produced some right-hand drive versions of its car in the past so we could potentially see a small allocation of the 50 units coming to the UK. 

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