NIO Recalls 4,803 ES8 Over Battery Fire Risk

Battery modules NEV-P50 are the cause of NIO ES8 fires in China. The company needs to replace battery packs with a new NEV-P102 module.

NIO announced the recall of 4,803 ES8 electric cars (produced between April 2, 2018 and October 19, 2018) because of the risk of spontaneous combustion of batteries.

The Chinese manufacturer, together with battery module supplier (CATL), conducted an investigation after incidents occurred in Shanghai and other locations. The cause of the fire was an improper alignment of a voltage sampling cable harness and the upper cover of the battery module.

“After detailed analysis and repeated testing, the investigation has concluded that the battery packs in the vehicles involved were equipped with a module specification NEV-P50, and the voltage sampling cable harness in the module may be pressed by the upper cover of the module due to improper positioning. In extreme cases, the insulation on the pressed voltage sampling cable harness may wear out and cause a short circuit, creating a safety issue. Other ES8 vehicles that have encountered safety issues are equipped with the same battery pack.”

The recall plan envisions replacement of affected 70 kWh battery packs (with NEV-P50 battery modules), with 70 kWh battery packs, equipped with new NEV-P102 modules (standard from late October 2018). The NEV-P102 modules have different internal structural designs.

Besides the 4,803 ES8, the recall concerns also battery swap stations. The entire recall process should take around two months.

“Effective immediately, models produced from April 02, 2018 to October 19, 2018 equipped with NEV-P50 will start to be recalled, altogether affecting 4,803 vehicles. NIO will be replacing battery packs equipped with the NEV-P50 modules with battery packs equipped with the NEV-P102 modules in order to mitigate the above-mentioned safety issue.”

Because NIO needs to replace the battery packs (cars and swap stations) and compensate property losses at its own cost (there is a chance that modules will be replaced by CATL) it will lead to significant additional cost for the company.

NIO ES8 fire in China:

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