New Vook E-Trike Challenges The Norm In Electric Mobility

Electric mobility devices are taking all shapes and sizes. While electric bicycles and scooters are still the norm, there have been new innovations that challenge the norm, hoping to bring a new level of fun into the e-mobility sector. A good example of this is this new electric three-wheeler from a company called Vook.

At first glance, it can be confusing to make out what the Vook E-Trike actually is. Is it an e-bike? An electric trike? Or is it some sort of go-kart? I guess you could say it’s all three of these things combined. Up front, it gets a wheel that looks like it came from a bicycle. The rider also controls the trike with regular handlebars. It’s when we look at the back that things get rather interesting. The two rear wheels of the Vook E-Trike are tiny in comparison to the front wheels, and according to the manufacturer, are “puncture-proof.”

On the technology side of the equation, the Vook E-Trike packs quite a lot of punch. With a nominal power output of 3,000 watts, and a peak output of 6,000 watts, the e-trike boasts a whopping 145 Newton-meters, or about 101 pound-feet of torque. Top speed is a speedy 40 miles per hour, but the trike is equipped with multiple ride modes that set different limits to the top speed. For instance, in safe mode, it’s limited to 11 miles per hour, while Eco mode bumps this up to 15.6 miles per hour, and Sport mode unlocks 20 miles per hour. It’s only in Boost mode that the top speed is set at 40 miles per hour.

Surely, this level of performance would mean that the Vook E-Trike isn’t street legal, and therefore suited only for recreational use off the highway. The manufacturer doesn’t make any mention of whether or not the trike can be ridden on public roads or bike paths, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Nevertheless, the trike is packing quite an extensive array of technology. For example, it gets a fingerprint sensor for you to start it up. It even has built-in 1080p front and rear cameras to record all the adrenaline-pumping excitement. Vook also equips the E-Trike with smartphone connectivity, as well as a charging port allowing you to power up your gadgets on the go. Depending on the model you choose, it either gets a 30 or 50 Ampere-hour battery pack.

At present, it’s important to note that Vook emphasizes that they’re working on a prototype, and not the final product, as stated in the product’s official Indiegogo page. Nevertheless, they’re on a rather tight timeline, as Vook hopes to release the finished product by December, 2023, assuming funding and development go according to plan. As of this writing, the E-Trike has already raised $36,316 USD on Indiegogo.

Sources: Vook via Indiegogo, Geeky Gadgets, E-Bike News

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