Motorists warned not to leave some items in their car this summer

With Summer arriving, many motorists will soon be going on holiday, leaving their vehicles behind, often parked in direct sunlight.

To prevent drivers from returning to any unwelcomed surprises, the parking company ParkVia has revealed a list of things you should never leave in a vehicle when you go on holiday.

Valentina Moise, Commercial Director for ParkVia, explained how much damage could be caused by leaving certain items in your car over the summer.

She said: “It’s not just damage or danger to your vehicle that you have to consider. Some items will be ruined if left for days on end in a hot car.

“Having a handy checklist can mean you don’t have to deal with hassle and expense when you return from your trip.” 

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On a sunny day, a vehicle interior can reach 60 degrees celcius in under an hour, with the dashboard reaching 80 degrees.

ParkVia recommend that drivers are mindful about leaving plastic water bottles in their car due to the chemical reactions that can occur if the bottle gets too hot.

Whilst scientists claim water bottles must reach 400 degrees celcius before exploding, the increased temperature can mix elements of the plastic with the drink, making it dangerous to drink and more of a fire hazard.

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The company also suggests taking out any cans of fizzy drinks, which could explode on a hot day, leaving you with an expensive cleaning bill, and potentially a broken windscreen.

Whilst it is more important than ever to put suncream on during summer, ParkVia also advises motorists not to leave any in your car while you’re away.

As the temperature rises, the ingredients in suncream break down and its packaging may split, leaving an oily mess in the vehicle.

ParkVia also highlighted the importance of removing any lighters from the car, as the heat could lead to the lighter fluid exploding and causing significant damage to the windows and the entertainment system.

It is also incredibly important to take out any food you have in your vehicle before you go on holiday, as the increased temperatures inside a car can make it go off much quicker.

Finally, the company also suggested that drivers remove any electronic devices, which could not only attract the attention of thieves, but may lead to their batteries being damaged if exposed to extreme heat.

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