Motorists demand ‘respect for the elderly’ as they slam age proposals

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Last year, reported that there were more than 134,000 drivers over the age of 90 on the UK roads. And with the new figures continually increasing, motorists have started to wonder about road safety with calls for a maximum driving age to be introduced.

According to the Older Drivers Task Force, there will be more than one million drivers over the age of 85 by 2025.

The Task Force said it is “vital” that changes are made to “prepare for this demographic change”.

Despite the calls, there are no official Government plans to go through with the proposal as of yet.

However, several readers have voiced their frustrations calling the proposals “unacceptable”.

One reader named thedukejohn said: “Some countries respect their elderly and revere them. Britain is not one of them!”

EDPW added: “It is unacceptable to target the elderly when statistically they are the safest drivers.”

Holmewood commented: “I am 85, retired two years ago, paying my corporation tax.

“I have a clean licence, clean insurance. I have an eye test annually as I have had two operations to stall glaucoma.

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“I drive a BMW 3ltr M sport, and a BMW Classic 4Ltr V8. I am not overconfident but cautious.

“We are all borne with similar abilities, but we all end at a different time of life.

“Maybe a basic observation of vehicle handling by an accredited driving instructor could satisfy the blame shifters. After all what group causes most accidents? Thanks.”

Under the current law, once a driver reaches the age of 70 years old, they must renew their driving licence every three years.

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They can use the DVLA’s service to renew their driving licence if they are 70 or over, or if they will be 70 in the next 90 days.

The DVLA will automatically send drivers a D46P application form 90 days before their 70th birthday, allowing drivers to renew.

Another reader named Martin65 said: “Targeting the elderly simply because of their age, not their ability is illegal under the present law!

“It’s covered under the discrimination laws, it is illegal to discriminate against an individual or group on the basis of gender, religion, ethnicity, or AGE, so let’s see how far that proposal flies!”

Others argued that a ban should be imposed on younger drivers.

Smokey32 commented: “On the contrary. There instead should be a minimum age limit of let us say 21 or even 25 as there are too many boy or girl racers who think they are budding Lewis Hamiltons.”

A frustrated reader called Keith Earl said: “Another purge on the elderly! We are not wanted anymore, we have done our supporting taxes! Elderly drivers are listed as safest on the accident scale by insurance companies!”

There are around 5.7 million drivers over the age of 70 on the UK roads as of today. This is double the number in 2012.

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