More than 900,000 motorists risk fine for old photos

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More than 900,000 drivers risk a £1,000 fine after failing to renew photocard licences which expired in the past year. Driving entitlement normally remains until someone reaches 70, after which they must renew their licence every three years.

But in addition, photocards must be renewed every 10 years to ensure the image is a true likeness.

The DVLA writes to people 56 days before their licence ends to remind them to renew, but many do not provide up-to-date addresses.

Renewing late does not lead to a fine.

Philip Gomm of the RAC Foundation said: “There are good reasons to keep licences up to date, beyond the basic legal requirement.

“They are also a widely accepted form of ID and will certainly be required if you are ever stopped by police.”

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