Mitsubishi To Sell Rebadged Renault Models In Europe

The Japanese brand will retire from the UK, where it will keep only the after-sales business.

Renault announced that starting in 2023, Mitsubishi Motors will procure two models produced by Renault, for selected markets in Europe. Both brands are part of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance.

The new agreement with Renault is about two undisclosed models, and only for undisclosed selected left-hand-drive European markets. We don’t know whether plug-ins will be among them.

“Mitsubishi Motors has decided to procure OEM-model vehicles from Renault, best-sellers on the European market which already meet regulatory requirements, for selected major markets in Europe. Starting 2023, Mitsubishi Motors will sell two “sister models” produced in Groupe Renault plants, which are based on the same platforms but with differentiations that reflect the Mitsubishi brand’s DNA.”

The decision comes after the Alliance switched to a new leader-follower business format in May 2020, and the struggling Japanese brand announced the freeze of new car launches in Europe in July 2020. The only new model for Europe seems to be the plug-in hybrid Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV (from Spring 2021).

By the way, Mitsubishi intends to retire from the UK almost completely, leaving only the after-sales business:

“Mitsubishi Motors in the UK is progressing with its plans to sell the existing range of vehicles until the autumn at which point it will transition into an aftersales-only business to ensure the 400,000 Mitsubishi vehicles on UK roads continue to receive full support in terms of maintenance, spare parts, accessories, warranty and technical support well into the future.”

At this point, we are not sure whether the UK is the only market or maybe Mitsubishi will end its new car sales business also in some other countries.

It would be interesting if Mitsubishi would introduce some rebadged/slightly modified all-electric Renault models. Mitsubishi ZOE anyone? Or maybe Mitsubishi Megan EV?

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